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February 2018 Newsletter

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Feb 2018 Newsletter

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Virgina Biomass Bill Stricken

Senate Bill 647, related to woody biomass and renewable energy, was removed from the 2016 legislative agenda at the request of the patron yesterday. She has reported to us that her desire is to convene meetings of the interest groups after session to discuss her objectives. Below is a summary of the bill as proposed to this year's legislators. Based on conversations and meetings prior to yesterday, we believe that woody biomass would have been removed from the current statutory list of Virginia's renewable resources if the bill had passed. The impact would have been negative for biomass - to - electric generation and the suppliers of woody biomass. Good studies on woody biomass as a renewable energy form and Virginia's solid history of reforestation and forestry certainly helped to convince the legislator to strike the bill. The forest industry and each sector,i.e.,logging, mills, and landowners are critically important to the continuation of a strong forest products industry. Renewable energy; efficient biomass. Excludes inefficient biomass from the definition of renewable energy. The measure provides that renewable energy includes any biomass energy capacity, efficient or otherwise, in operation prior to January 1, 2016, and that on and after that date renewable energy may include the proportion of the thermal or electric energy from a facility that results from the co-firing of efficient biomass on or after January 1, 2016. "Efficient biomass" is defined as thermal or electric energy or combined heat and power from biomass generating units with an overall efficiency of 50 percent or greater on an annual basis. The measure directs how a unit's overall efficiency shall be determined on the basis of outputs of electrical generation and useful thermal energy output, which is defined in the bill as (i) including direct heat and other valid thermal end-use energy requirements for which fuel or electricity would otherwise be consumed and (ii) excluding thermal energy used for the purpose of drying or refining biomass fuel.

East Debuts New All-Aluminum Flatbed Trailer

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Check out the Samsung Safety Truck!

Go to this link to experience the see through concept! You can see what the truck driver is seeing when you are BEHIND the truck!!

Timpte 2017 Warranty Update

Reference: Timpte Peace of Mind Warranty Updates for 2017 Model Year The Timpte “Peace of Mind” Limited Warranty will be adjusted as follows for the 2017 model year trailer production 1. Axle alignment inspections will now be provided under the warranty policy for 1 year (12 months) from In-Service Date for ALL suspensions. This service must be provided by one of the following:: a) Timpte Branch b) Timpte Contracted Dealer c) Place of your Choice - up to $100 (tandem) or $150 (tri-axle) 2. Wheel Seals will be covered, Parts and Labor, for three years from In-Service Date. The policy had previously listed the warranty on wheel seals as one year. 3. LED Light Coverage is 10 years (Parts and Labor for 3 years, parts only years 4 through 10). There has previously been some confusion on the length of the coverage so we are just confirming that the coverage is for ten years. 4. Lifetime Coverage for Trap Door Roller Ball Bearings, 2017 Model Year only (Parts and Labor, 3 years, parts only thereafter) Timpte’s established flat rate fee schedule will apply for all warranty repairs associated with these improvements to the warranty policy


Timpte now offers a multi-function lift control box. This box will allow you to lift the front and rear axle individually. You can also toggle each axle to be regulated or non-regulated. The box includes 4 electric actuators that allows you to operate from the tractor. There is also a dump valve that can manually dump all the axles from the control box.