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We Have the Rentals You Need to Get the Jobs You Want

There’s no reason to miss a job just because you don’t own the right trailer. We’ll rent one to you through a simple, no-hassle process. Whether you need a flatbed for oversized products or a live floor trailer where you can control the unload speed, we’ve got the right trailer for the right haul—right now!

Some of the benefits of renting include:

  • You get that short-term project to strengthen a long-term relationship
  • You can rent a trailer while you wait for your new trailer on order
  •  You won’t have to wait on the delivery of a new trailer
  • You have a seasonal need
  •  You do not have to be down while your trailer is being repaired
  • You want to branch out to serve a different industry
  • You’re not ready to buy, but want to try a new job

There’s no reason to wait. Get one now, when you need it most. Contact us if you’re interested in any of the variety of trailers below:

Chip Trailers

Chip trailers are for hauling any type of wood biomass, or any type of wood residuals like chips, sawdust, bark, or shavings. These trailers also haul small materials in mass.

Drop Deck Trailers

Do you have an oversized load? Are you hauling tall construction equipment and you’re worried about meeting the height restrictions of underpasses? Then a drop deck trailer is perfect for the job. Because these trailers are lower in the middle, they are an ideal choice if a standard flatbed trailer is not an option.

Dump Trailers

If you work in the construction, landscaping, agriculture or industrial fields, Dump trailers provide an easy and efficient way to haul massive amounts of materials. Equipped with a heavy-duty hydraulic system, these semi-trailers are able to easily dump loads that may include massive amounts of demolition waste, sand, rock, lime, grain, chicken litter, fertilizer, wheat, beans, or construction materials.

Flatbed Trailers

Need hauling flexibility for large and oversized products? A heavy-duty flatbed trailer is the perfect solution. Their unenclosed design–combined with sturdy steel, wood, and aluminum construction—makes it easy to unload from any side.  We offer either Flatbeds, Drop Deck, and Extendable Flatbeds to fit your needs.

Hopper / Grain Trailers

Hopper bottom trailers, sometimes called grain trailers, are perfect for agricultural industry use and transporting bulk items such as grain and corn. They typically have sloped sides that provide quick unloading in addition to multiple hoppers.

Live Floor Trailers

Due to sophisticated hydraulic systems, live floor trailers enable you to easily load and unload material and control how fast you unload. They are especially useful for hauling smaller materials that you would encounter in the forestry and agricultural industries. How can a live floor trailer help you? We explore this in our informative blog post here.

Log Trailers

In the competitive forestry industry, you need a reliable trailer to ensure you get your load to its destination on time and without incident. Log Trailer are specifically designed to handle hauling logs from the woods to the mill and enabling loads to arrive safely and within budget.

Lowboy Trailers

With a trailer that is low to the ground, you can haul items too tall for standard flatbeds. Its added flexibility means you can load equipment from the front.  We offer Hydraulic and Mechanical Detach Trailers along with Extendable Trailers.

Refuse Trailers

Refuse Trailers are easily unloaded at landfills or refuse centers, they can have either external post walls or smooth walls, and they come in an extensive variety of sizes.

In our inventory, you’ll find a semi-trailer for rent that is a perfect fit for industries such as:

  • If your crop doesn’t make it to the market on time, you lose money, and if you don’t have enough fertilizer when you need it, you can’t plant crops. Equally important, if your agriculture trailer breaks down, you’ll lose out on the harvest. This equals more stress, lower yields and less money.

    By renting a semi-trailer for your agricultural needs, you can be sure that you’ll have the right trailer for the right haul when you need it without having to make a major investment in a new or used trailer.

The Best Rentals for the Heavy Haul and Agriculture Industries

Didn’t find what you were looking for above? Don’t worry. We’re always adding new and used trailers to our inventory. But most importantly, we want to be sure you have the right haul you need for the job you’re doing. Right now.

We know that the heavy haul, forestry, construction, and agricultural industries are highly competitive, and not having the right trailer means you miss out on great opportunities. However, the right trailer not only helps you secure those jobs but establishes your reputation for excellence—which in turn, means more repeat customers.

Let’s get started! All you have to do is call 800-513-9373.

Top-Notch Service, Even After the Sale

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